The best air fresheners for your home

Automatic air freshener dispenser

Automatic air freshener dispenser

The air freshener is a must have for any home. The mere passage of time and the process of living add unpleasant odors to your home. The presence of children and pets can intensify the problem. If you are like me and absolutely need to keep your home fresh, I present to you: four of the best air fresheners for your home currently on the market.

Febreze Air Effects Spray: eliminates odors from surfaces and the air. The bottle is ergonomically designed to allow for a consistent, fine mist spray. Price retails at $2.79 - $2.99 for a 9.7 oz can. Benefits: Febreze Air effects uses patented technology to eliminate the odors that affect your home instead of just temporarily covering them up. Part of their appeal stems from the "fine mist formula" that allows for even coverage and penetration. This includes hydrogenated Castor oil and dialkyl sodium sulfosuccinate, which helps to spread Febreze throughout the area in which it is sprayed.

Lysol Neutra Air Freshener: Contains odor - eliminating technology that neutralizes odors in the air caused by odor - causing bacteria, reduces contaminants in the air and refreshed the air with fragrance. Comes in a 10oz can. $3.37 - $3.99

Benefits: Lysol Neutra Air doesnt cover smells up but neutralizes them and replaces the odor with a fresh scent. Comes in a spray or in an electrically - dispersed Freshmatic version that sprays automatically by way of a consumer - set timer. The electric version is usually a dollar more than the spray but is more convenient to use.


Glade Room Spray: Its purpose is to eliminate odor and instantly freshen a room with one of many unique scents. 9oz $.99 Premium 9.7oz: $1.49
Benefits: Glad room spray is very affordable at under a dollar a spray bottle. Smells come from essential oil extracts, not chemicals, and it is environmentally friendly, no CFCs and the cans are recyclable. It can freshen a room and neutralize odors quickly.


Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener: All - natural air freshener that eliminates odors with the fresh scent of peeled oranges. Price: 7oz. $3.21 - $3.92
Benefits: Concentrated oils from fresh orange kill odors naturally so there are no man made chemicals or artificial ingredients included. The bottle is non - aerosol. Completely pet - safe and doesnt cause allergy symptoms or respiratory problems like some fragrance - infused air fresheners. You dont have to over spray since the smell lingers, leaving the whole house smelling like fresh oranges.


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