Buyers guide to different home cleaning brushes

Thorough cleaning bottle brush

Thorough cleaning bottle brush

Home cleaning brushes can be a lifesaver, minimizing the manual labor involved in cleaning caked - on food off of dishes, or washing and rewashing awkwardly - shaped areas. I wouldnt dream of trying to clean without my assorted cleaning brushes: my bottle brush for the glasses in the kitchen, my trusty toilet brush, a scrubbing brush and a wire brush.

In my arsenal of home cleaning brushes, each is a weapon with a specific target.


Bottle brush: Bottle brushes vary in size but feature a long neck with soft, semi - rigid bristles that are rounded to fit into small openings that the hand cannot fit through. They are used to clean baby bottles, carafes and narrow - lipped pitchers. Smaller versions fit inside spouts and smaller spaces.

Toilet brushes: Toilet bowl brushes are used for one purpose only, to scrub the inside of the toilet bowl. They are long - handled and feature rigid, rounded bristles designed to fit in the crevices of the toilet.

Scrubbing brushes: They come in many shapes and styles. The majority of scrubbing brushes are designed to fit comfortably in one hand or held with both hands for added power. They have hard bristles to effectively scrape off material from floors and surfaces.

Wire brushes: Made with brass, steel or aluminum bristles, wire brushes are used in the home mainly for cleaning the oven, scraping burnt food particles off of the inside surface or the wire racks.

When looking for the perfect home cleaning brush, construction and comfort is important. The bristles should be attached firmly to the neck of the brush and the brush should be sturdy. Ensure that the neck is thick enough to support the width of the bristles.



All home cleaning brushes are not the same. Here are some quick tips to getting the most from your brushes.

  • Stay away from soft foam bottle brushes. The foam often breaks up and you have to disinfect it just as you would a sponge.
  • Long - handled toilet brushes are a must, but check for bendabiity before you buy. If it bends when you push down on the neck it will not last.
  • Wire brushes should only be used on metallic surfaces; hard - bristled brushes do just as well on wood or plastic and wont leave scratch marks.


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