Brawny Paper Towels, White, 2XL Rolls

Brawny Paper Towels, White, 2XL Rolls>
Title: Brawny Paper Towels, White, 2XL Rolls
Manufacturer: Georgia Pacific LLC (Paper)
  • 100% more sheets per roll than our regular Pick-A-Size paper towel roll (156Sheets/Roll)
  • 2 XL ROLLS = 4 REGULAR ROLLS - Save more space with fewer long-lasting paper towel rolls
  • 12 FEET MORE - than the leading national paper towel brand 3 Rolls / 94 Sheets
  • 2-ply white paper towel, proudly made in the USA. Strong. Absorbent. Durable.
  • Do you want your Brawny paper towels conveniently at the click of a button? Try our Brawny Dash button
List Price: $4.99
Lowest New Price: $4.47
Lowest Used Price: $4.99
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Product Description
With so many tough messes in your home, you need a towel that is good enough to hold up to them all. Brawny paper towels can handle any job, even your toughest messes. That's because brawny is designed to handle everything from everyday cleaning to even the toughest task.